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Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Research of Mass Media
24.12.2014: Media Plan Monitoring Center
The media monitoring results for the period of 1 – 30 November showed that the media in general focused on forming the governments at all levels election results, providing detailed reporting on negotiations amongts political parties. The media continue to be divided along political, ethinic and territorial lines and thus show their more or less open symphaties towards certain political parties.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Analysis of media coverage
19.11.2014: Media Plan Monitoring Center
The findings have so far been compiled into three monitoring reports about the media’s behavior during the election campaign. In the next phase of the project, the monitoring will focus on the media coverage of the post-election developments, including the process of forming the new governments on the state and entity levels of administration.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Elections campaign
03.11.2014: Media Plan Institut
Media Plan Institute implemented the project “Media and Political Subjects – More Cooperation for a Successful Election Process” , which in five seminars in different parts of the country (Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar) facilitated exchange of experience between media and political parties on pre-election cooperation thus far. The seminars thus attempted to work out these issues in open discussion and paved the way for better cooperation. This document was produced on the basis of a series of suggestions and critiques presented by 75 journalists and representatives of political parties in five locations in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monitoring the media coverage of general elections 2014.
10.10.2014: Media Plan Monitoring Center
Data from the monitoring period revealed that most monitored media tried to provide such coverage based on which an informed choice at the ballot box would be possible. This was mainly thanks to televised debates and special election programs, as well as the coverage in the print and online media. However, a number of serious problems persist. These include the fact that the editorial policy of media is still determined by the interest of owners and not the interests of the readers or viewers. In addition, contestants’ appearance in the news reports and articles was sometimes determined not based on newsworthiness, but thanks to some other factors.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monitoring the media coverage of general elections 2014.
03.10.2014: Media Plan Monitoring Center
Data from the second monitoring period confirmed that there have been wide differences in the way political subjects have been portrayed and in the amount of coverage provided to different political subjects. Some monitored outlets have more or less openly showed their sympathies towards particular political parties. The qualitative analysis confirmed that some media continue to neglect to offer voters opposing views on particular stories.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monitoring the media coverage of general elections - preliminary report
19.09.2014: Media Plan Monitoring Center
Media Plan, an independent, non-partisan organization dedicated to freedom of expression and the media, has been systematically monitoring the media coverage of the October general elections.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Elections 2014.
29.08.2014: Media Plan Monitoring Center
Media Plan Institute in collaboration with the Slovakian organization Memo 98 and America’s NDI started implementing a project dubbed MEDIA MONITORING OF THE 2014 ELECTIONS, consisting of monitoring and analysis of media in the 2014 election campaign.
Media & Transition -> Southeast Europe
Launched a project “South-east European Partnership For Media Development”
05.02.2014: Center for Independent Journalism
Eight SEENPM members, together with the umbrella organization, are implementing the South-East European Partnership for Media Development Project, which supports the development of independent and accountable media in the Western Balkans
Special Reports -> Southeast Europe
Book: Information in Minority Languages in the Western Balkans
19.08.2013: Istraživaèki tim Media plan instituta Sarajevo, Novosadske novinarske skole i Skole za novinarstvo i PR Skopje
Media Plan Institute in cooperation with the Novi Sad School of Journalism and Journalism and Public Relations School from Skopje implemented the research project Minorities and Media in the Western Balkans, which analyzed national minority media and programs for national minorities in four countries in the Western Balkan region. The project detects and describes the main problems in the operation of these media in relation to journalistic, social, political and financial challenges. This book (in pdf file) is one of the results of the project.
Media & Transition -> Bulgaria
Pressures on the media
07.02.2013: Václav Štìtka
Collusion between the press and politicians is not confined to western Europe. Central and Eastern European countries are also plagued by their own mini-Murdochs – and in these more fragile democracies, they represent an even bigger threat. Text is taken from
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