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Media Online is a journal concerned with media situation in the region of South East Europe. We endeavour to facilitiate the process of media transformation and professionalisation in the region and provide the forum for media experts and journalists to advance their own media practice through the exchange of experiences with their colleagues from other countries in transition. Hence we have established a network of correspondents from the countries of South East Europe who follow developments in the media arenas of their respective countries for the purposes of Media Online. The journal is thus able to provide the most interesting information on the media situation as well as comprehensive short and long term analyses and reports.

In addition, our intention is to bring South East European media closer to one another and the world but also to bring the world closer to South East Europe through integration of regional media in the latest global media trends and introduction of the latest achievements in the fields of communications technology and journalism.
Dynamic nature of Media Online is ensured by its Internet format. The journal is composed of two main segments - the informative section, brining daily news and updates on events in South East European media, and research section, providing media analyses and reports of various scope.

Media Online was launched with support from the French Government in 2000.

Editorial Council
The Editorial Council of Media Online is composed of prominent media experts and academics as well as professionals from all over the world.

Boris Bergant
Assistant RTV Slovenia Manager General for International Relations
Vice-President of EBU Assembly
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dr. Stjepan Malovic
Centre for Education of Journalists from Eastern and Central Europe (ICEJ)
Opatija/Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Garry Gaddy
Statistical Consulting Coordinator
Odum Institute for Social Science Research
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, USA

Remzi Lani
Albanian Media Institute (AMI)
Tirana, Albania

Vladan Radosavljevic
Editor in Chief
Media Centre
Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Dr.Dona Kolar-Panov
Professor of Communication Studies
Institute for Sociological Political and Juridical Research
Ss Cyril and Methodius University
Skopje,Republic of Macedonia

Dr. Marsha Siefert
Full-time Professor
History Department
Central European University
Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Miklos Sukosd
Full-time Professor
Politics Department
Central European University
Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Stjepan Gredelj
Project Manager
Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Loic Hervouet
Director General
Ecole Superieure de Journalisme
Lille, France

Dr Jelenka Vockic-Avdagic
Politics Department
University of Sarajevo
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kemal Kurspahic
Managing Editor
The Connection Newspapers
McLean, Virginia

Editorial Board Media
Online Editor-in-Chief is Radenko Udovicic.

Media News has not been updated since March 31, 2005.
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