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2003: Project on Cross-Border Cooperation – Production of Radio Programs
Safax Agency from Sarajevo, Stina Agency from Split and Radio B92 from Belgrade together produced three half-hour documentary radio programs on the issues of Refugees – Integration and Reintegration, Missing Persons, and Treatment of Recent History, which present these acute problems from a Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian viewpoint. The project was preceded by a regional workshop in which journalists involved in making the programs received additional know-how from an international educator for conflict issues, Hannes Siebert. The project was supported by the US State Office of Education and Cultural Affairs.

2002: Two-Way Information Project
The project was implemented in collaboration with the news agency STINA from Split with support of the OSCE mission to Croatia. It consisted of production and distribution to media outlets and refugee organizations of bi-weekly newsletters containing a series of articles and news items on possibilities of return to Croatia for Serb refugees now living in Bosnia-Herzegovina and of return to Bosnia-Herzegovina for Croat refugees now living in Croatia. The project also contained production of radio programs on the same issue which were broadcast by local radio stations in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

2000: News Service for Minority Rights and Inter-Ethnic Relations
The project is being implemented in conjunction with STINA News Agency from Split (Croatia). The intention is to contribute to better understanding of minority rights in Croatia and BiH through a series of weekly bulletins also available online. Apart from the printed issue, radio-programming exclusively dedicated to minority rights is also being produced for radio stations in BiH and Croatia. The service is supported by Westminster Foundation for Democracy (USAID).

1999: The Project “Audio Press Release – the Promotion of Elections Bill”
A two-month series of special audio-programming, promoting the draft Elections Bill of BiH. Joining the OSCE campaign ‘State Clearly What You Want’, SAFAX provided information on preparation of the permanent Elections Law and made the information more readily available and clearer through the programming of local radio stations in the inland of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The project was supported by OSCE Sarajevo.

1999: The Project “Lift the Barriers – Break the Taboos’

The project was based on the exchange of thematic programming among eight radio stations from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those were the following: Studio N Livno, TNT Travnik, Radio Ravne Brčko, Radio Goražde, Radio Srbac, Radio Kontakt Banja Luka, Radio Feniks Prijedor, and Radio Best Šipovo. In 20-minute programming, these radio stations from both entities dealt with six ‘burning’ issues that were either not dealt with or considered taboos in their respective local environments. The project was supported by Winston Foundation for World Peace from Washington, D.C.

Media News Bulletin is published fortnightly. SOROS Open Society Foundation for BiH and the European Commission provided initial support for the project. Media News are produced in Bosnian/Serb/Croat and English languages and they follow and analyse all events related to the media in BiH.  As of Fall 2000 the bulletin in entirety will be available online and will cover media affairs in the region of South East Europe. The French Government ensured financial aid for further implementation of the project.

1997-1999: RENS – The Radio Exchange Network Service
The first audio-service set up in BiH: RENS, i.e. the Radio Exchange Network Service. Purpose of the service was the exchange of information among local radio stations in the Federation of BiH and the Republic of Srpska as well as the provision of radio-reportages by SAFAX for local radio-stations. The programming was produced by SAFAX and local stations and disseminated throughout the network on tapes or by phone. 22 radio stations from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the project. Reportages covering major political and cultural events in the country were distributed on tapes or by phone. Particular attention was devoted to the issue of refugee return, activities of international community in BiH and any other issues of relevance for confidence-building among nations in the country. The project was supported by the European Commission.

SAFAX publishes random bulletins such as: Brcko in the Media and The Daily Survey of Major Events Covered by TV BiH, SRT and Studio 99.

A bulletin intended for refugee population, informing the refugees abroad on all aspects of social developments in BiH of relevance for their return to the country. At the initial stage in 1997, the Bulletin was supported by the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency, Stockholm. The project was further facilitated by the European Commission.

A fortnightly bulletin on major events in BiH as seen from a civic perspective. The Bulletin was done for the French public and thus in French. In 1997, the Bulletin evolved into an international publication since the exchange was established over email and the Bulletin was available online. The project was supported by Association Sarajevo from Paris and SOS Balkanos from Barcelona.

1995: News from BiH
Safax Agency publishes a weekly bulletin, containing news from BiH, in Bosnian/Croat/Serb and French languages, intended for the French public.

1994: ‘SAFAX’ SET UP
U In cooperation with Association Sarajevo from Paris, an agency of specialized service covering social developments, social transition and human rights was established and named SARAJEVO FAX  - Safax.
















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